Capcom announces Lost Planet 2


If you’ve been on your 360 lately, chances are you’ve seen the exclusive trailer covering the announcement of Lost Planet 2 introduced by Jun Takeuchi who is the producer of the game.  While not much has been announced, the trailer shows what appears to be a new setting but that is not the case.  It’s based from the setting of the first game, but due to climate changes, E.D.N. III has changed from the snowy atmosphere to a lush jungle; all these changes has occured in 10 years, which is how many years will be between the first and second game.


4 player co-op has been announced, and it appears you still have your trusty zipline.  Although its taking out of the arctic climate, you still appear to have something on your back; whether its to help you stay alive or not is still a mystery  Make sure you watch the trailer all the way  through because it shows you attaching yourself to a huge monstrosity and zipping straight up to the top of it.  Having not played the first one due to overall mixed reviews and mainly not having much time, this makes me want to try it out.  The game was announced on the Xbox 360 exclusively but hasn’t been clear if its console exclusive.  My bet is it will release on the 360 first, then the PS3 a couple months later.

Check out the trailer here


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