Why Infinite Undiscovery is broken


I’m sure you all know, this game has been out for several months now, and I’ve had this story steaming around my head since it happened. I for one, am a profound RPG player who has played MANY different RPG’s; I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I can tell when a game is broken and let me just say this game is broken.

infinite-undiscovery1“A new RPG from Square Enix coming out for the 360, WOW!” I exclaimed. While not having played Lost Odyssey, the only new/this generation RPG I have played was the so-so Enchanted Arms and I knew they would get better than that. So When I seen Infinite Undiscovery was coming out, I immediately threw it right into my Gamefly Queue and anxiously waited for its arrival, bad name and all.

Upon playing it, I realized what everybody says is correct. It seems like people actually wait until the new Final Fantasy game comes out and developers model their games after it. I’m not saying IU is exactly like FFXII, but It does show similarities; especially in the combat. The story is also filled with cliche moments that never seemed to dazzle or impress, and I didn’t like the lead character. I like my hero character to be competent with their abilities, I guess that why I’m really looking forward to the new Final Fantasy because it seems like Lightning is a complete bad-ass.

So to get back to IU, I played the game and was enjoying it for the most part all the way up to the end of the first disc which *spoiler alert* ends at a castle called Vesplume Tower. There is a boss about halfway up the tower which ended pretty quickly, but my team was hurting pretty bad; and by bad I mean Capell was the only one alive, and he had around 20 HP left. I looked through my items and noticed I didn’t have much to heal with and there isn’t any merchants around to buy anything. I also did the idiot thing of saving after the fight because it took me around 3-4 tries and once I completed it I immediately saved it…over my only save.
Well, I lied, it wasn’t my only save, but the last time I didn’t overwrite my primary save point was somewhere around the beginning of the game. I know people preach all the time about having multiple save points, but I have never had. Why? Because I’ve never had something as stupid as this moment happen to me. So I thought to myself, maybe I can make it all the way back down to the beginning and it will let me leave, which I will then trek it to the nearest town and heal up. About 2 hours later of trying and dying this ridiculous task, I made it to the bottom of the tower and…just my luck, it won’t let me leave. Now why would it keep me in here?

So getting to the point of wanting to break my controller, which I have never done in my life, I started scouting around message boards. Deep inside a message board on gamefaqs, I noted a thread called Vesplume tower problem (or something around that) and I figured someone had the same problem as me, which was exactly the case. To my horror, the comments all stated that the person was *screwed* and they should have saved multiple save points. My only option was to go back to my last save (which was around 1:30 into the game) or just restart. I popped that disc out of the slot and threw it back into my mailbox so disappointed at myself for getting hyped. Has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone played a long RPG and got stuck somewhere in it where it was impossible to continue? I sure haven’t and I shun this game from ever being put into my Xbox again (it honestly wasn’t that good anyway).


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