My Addiction to Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved


Very few games on the Xbox Live Arcade can keep me coming back to play them. The game at the top of this list is Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved. This game is very simple, you are a ship and you must destroy those mean neon shapes anyway possible. The game consists of 6 modes all of which totally change the gameplay. Some you can shoot all the time, some you can only shoot when in safe zones and some you can’t shoot at all.

This game looks absolutley great!

This game looks absolutley great!

The Pacifism mode is where you can’t shoot and you must go through gates that explode on impact to destroy the blue baddies. This game mode has been eating a lot of my time. It requires such precision with the left stick to move your ship through some impossibly tight situations. Your score is multiplied by collecting geoms which are left over from your dead foes. My best score so far is 38 million and that is about 37,000th best on the leader board currently. In the top right corner of every game is your friend’s highest score. So you always see their highest score and it is really like your battling them. One of my best friends and I trade high scores almost every day. It makes me so mad when I see that he has finally bested me. I sit down and immediately start going after his new high score. Its reminds me so much when me and my friends went to these places called “arcades” and would trade high scores on about 5 different cabinets. Geometry Wars 2 has a free trial and his only 800 Microsoft Points. If you like dual stick shooters then you will fall in love with Geometry Wars the same as I did.


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