Quake live is live


Not ever having played a Quake game in my life, I was somewhat excited to hear that Quake is free and is played through a web browser. The thought of fragging my friends online, for free as well, all located on the quakelive website is perfect for players who never could get into PC FPS’s. This weird news felt like it could have many problems including lagging, server problems, etc. It seems like they have pulled it off though, it plays well and has very few hiccups.

You start out selecting a general character from a pretty expansive pool of presets and begin your training mode; which lasts around 10-15 minutes.  This depicts your skills and helps set up matchmaking with players sharing a similar skill level.  There are many maps to choose from (over 30) and plenty of weapons to frag with.  Some might bark at the graphical representation but I’ll just say, “C’mon, the game is over 5 years old…and its free.”  That’s the kicker that will keep players coming back, especially friends that can’t play console games online because they have opposite systems. One small downer is even though its on the PC and through a web browser, there will be no mod community, but John Carmack (I suggest you know who that is) said they will be looking at user generated content but will continue to update as time goes by.


Sadly, the game is only available on Windows platform, but they are developing for the Mac and Linux; just knowing they are bringing it out to the other OS’s should keep a smile on their faces.  If PC FPS’s have never been your thing, I say just give it another shot; you have nothing to lose.  I think Id has a great thing going here and hope the beta continues to grow.  This is a great milestone that I hope other developers out there will look into.


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