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Halo Wars Review


halowarsboxartFor almost a decade, Halo developer Bungie Studios has been perfecting the First Person Shooting genre. Ensemble Studios was then charged with the daunting task of creating a Halo Real Time Strategy that worked on consoles and create a story without the Master Chief. Well known for the Age of Empires series on PC, Ensemble is one of the best RTS developers around. Halo games are all about bursts of action and the game is always moving forward. Ensemble has taken this formula nearly perfected by Bungie and is applying it to their own RTS strategy. 

First off Halo Wars is a beginners RTS. Hardcore RTS players are not going to get that huge tech tree and freedom over their units that they are used to. This is actually a smart move and a dumb one. Ensemble knew that most Halo players may have never touched an RTS before. They also knew that they had to make it interesting enough so that the hardcore could enjoy as well. Overall I think they succeeded in making the game very approachable to new players, despite that the gameplay just did not have enough depth to keep me wanting to go back and play it. I am not saying Halo Wars is a bad game; you just need to see it for what it is before you dive in. 

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