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Killzone 2 Impressions


While I haven’t gotten entirely into this game yet, I’ll give out my initial impressions right now and will elaborate more when I complete the game (which will take a while because I’m freaking busy.) Having a few minor problems is not going to stop this game for being the MEGA hit it deserves.

For starters, this game is a treat for the eye. The visuals are without a doubt, the best I have ever seen on a console game. I though gears 2 looked great, Killzone looks miles better from the facial expressions to the many explosions you see throughout the game. Now, like I said, I haven’t played much of this game, but have sunk around 3 hours into the multiplayer. I haven’t seen much depth into the environments, just wreckage everywhere. The multiplayer maps look stunning but haven’t seen much variety in the different maps (I think there are 8 to start with).

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