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Don’t Sh*t Your Pants


If this picture and the name of the game doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will. Hosted on Kongregate, Don’t Sh*t Your Pants claims to be a survival horror game, but is basically a small text adventure.  You’re goal is simple, you have to find a toilet before accidents begin to happen.  Gamers who have played text adventure games will probably figure this one out in a couple of minutes but some might be stumped on how to solve this crafty adventurer.

If you want to avoid help, I would suggest not to read the comments that are posted underneath the game, there are plenty of spoiler words to type in that will help solve this game.  The cool thing about Kongregate is it’s support of achievements, which many of its games has; Don’t Sh*t Your Pants has a total of 9.  If you got some time to kill, head on over here and check out the ridiculous spin on what is considered a retro game.